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Star Trek Beyond Added to Blu-ray Collection

Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray CoverI got Star Trek Beyond for Christmas so I’ve added it to my Blu-ray collection on my DVD/Home Theater page. It’s a great movie which I highly recommend.

Oh, I scanned the image in with my relatively new Epson XP-520 printer. Looks great I think. :) I’ve included a trailer on the page as well.

I am also testing a new WordPress plugin, Featured Image From URL, for using external images as the featured image.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Added to Blu-ray Collection

Star Wars: The Force AwakensWell, I just had to go out and buy Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens on Blu-ray and add it to my collection. I have updated my DVD/Home Theater page accordingly. Even though my Blu-ray player is a bit old, it loaded and played the movie fine (the player took like 10 minutes before it would start letting me play Interstellar). I really liked the movie and can’t wait for Rogue One later this year and the following movies. :)

Several Movies Added to DVD and Beginning Blu-ray Collection

As is usually the case after the holidays, I’ve added several movies to my DVD and now beginning Blu-ray collection.

Here’s a list of my new DVD movies:Avatar DVD

Here’s a list of my first Blu-ray movies:

Like previous additions, I’ve scanned in at least the front case cover images and have included a trailer for the movie, provided I could locate or make one.

Obviously, to play the Blu-ray movies, I must have received a new Blu-ray player for Christmas also. I did! :) I got a Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-ray player from my sister and brother in-law. By the way, they also gave me a year free subscription to Netflix! I will be writing a separate post about my experiences with this player and the features that I’ve tried. Right now I am trying to decide if I want to write a single post or a separate post for each aspect of the player that I’ve tried. Having said that, my initial impressions at this point are that I like it. Once again I’d like to thank my mom, dad, sister and brother in-law for all this cool new loot! Love yah guys! :)