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Blog Updated to WordPress v4.8

I just updated my blog to WordPress 4.8, which contains a number of feature updates mostly to do with widgets. As always, I backed up my files and database first. I have automatic updates disabled so I can do this beforehand. The TwentyTwelve theme was updated but the only file that was changed was the style.css that contained rules related to the new widgets. I did not have to change my child theme since it loads the parent’s style.css automatically.

The only quirk I noticed was in the post editor I am using right now. The line-height did not match that of the theme and it bugged me. After inspecting the CSS, I discovered I needed to add the following to the my child theme’s editor-style.css to override some other styles:

.mce-content-body p, p {
   line-height: 1.714285714 !important;

After this, I then had to clear my browser cache to actually see the changes. Other than this, everything seems to be working fine. :)

Separate Winamp Now Playing / History Page Created

Winamp Player

Well, after testing DrO’s beta Winamp Community Update Pack (WACUP) for awhile, I decided to make a separate WACUP Information page. Also, back in November 2016, I started adding my song history to a MySQL database and generating my song history from that. Now, I’ve decided it would be a good idea to separate my Winamp History from my Entertainment page.

Previously, I was generating all of the data only when a song was played or stopped. Winamp would call my custom PHP script using either Brandon Fuller’s Now Playing: A Winamp Plugin v3.9.4.0 in the standard Winamp or the built-in Play Tracker POST option of WACUP. It would save the information to a static text file which my Entertainment page would include. Now, only the currently playing song is saved to a text file when a song is played or stopped. The rest of the history is generated as the page is viewed from the MySQL data. This will allow me to change the presentation of the data without the need to play a new song to update the static text file.

Anyway, I’d like to thank DrO for all of his hard work on WACUP with Radionomy basically dropping the ball on Winamp. :)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Added to Blu-ray Collection

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Blu-ray coverWell, I had to add Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to my Blu-ray collection. I have also updated my Home Theater page accordingly. It is an excellent movie which I highly recommend. Thankfully my Blu-ray player had no issues with it. :)

Also, as a follow-up to my earlier post, DVD/Blu-ray Pages Updated With HTML5 Player, I have completed adding trailers to all the movie pages where one was available to download or create. Many of them list a page created date of “Before March 19, 2003” because that’s the earliest time I could figure out based on file dates. That date was probably when I copied the images over to a new PC or hard drive and is why they were are all the same.