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Blog Updated to WordPress v4.7.3

I just updated my blog to WordPress 4.7.3, which was primarily a security update.  As always I backed up my files and database first. I have automatic updates disabled so I can do this beforehand.

There was one slight problem with the update. My Facebook and Google+ share buttons on my posts quit showing, but only if I used the official buttons in Jetpack’s Sharing settings. It turns out that the Custom Tweaks for Jetpack plugin I was using to display the buttons on top of the posts was causing it. After disabling it, the buttons reappeared. I made a support thread in both the Jetpack and Custom Tweaks for Jetpack support forums. I may look for something else or just leave it as is. 

So, other than this plugin conflict, everything else seems fine. :)

Update March 14, 2017: After Jetpack was updated to Version 4.7.1, the official buttons show again even with the Custom Tweaks for Jetpack plugin enabled. So, they changed something. :)

Blog Updated to WordPress v4.7

A quick note to say I just finished updating my blog to WordPress v4.7 which contained a number of behind the scenes changes. As always, I backed up my files and database first. The update seems to have gone smooth and this is a test post to make sure everything else on this side is still working.

An update of the Twenty Twelve theme that I use was also available. I used WinDiff to compare the current 2.2 version with the previous one and determined there was nothing I needed to do with my child theme. They also introduced a new Twenty Seventeen default theme which I might have a look at later. The update doesn’t install it. You have to install is separately, which I think is the correct approach. :)