I now have a MySpace Page! Also latest on teeth and job hunt.

Well.. I finally broke down and created a MySpace page so I could view other friend’s pages.  I will continue to use this as my blog and not use the Myspace one.  I have much more control over this one.  I’ve slowly been tweaking the page and just figured out how to have a realtime image of my blog’s most recent posts on the myspace profile.  It took a bit of trickery to get it to work.  I had to rename the php file to .tif and told the server to handle .tif files as PHP since they won’t allow you to reference a .PHP file as an image source.

Yeah… one other thing to waste time fiddling with.. the internet is evil.. LOL! 🙂

Oh, regarding my teeth/mouth.. I am getting to where I can eat more things like pizza 🍕 and burritos. Guess that means I’ve kind of run out of excuses for not looking for a new job. I’ve gotten too used to not going into work. At least I’ve been doing work on my various website endeavors which has kept my PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills somewhat fresh. Hmm.. I’ve never tested the more tag out.

This is information after the more tag. See how this effects the output of my blog’s RSS feeds.