Casino Royale added to movie collection.

I’ve added Casino Royale to my DVD movie collection.  I actually think it’s one the better James Bond films that have come out recently.  While I was at Hastings, also rented Eragon and Dr. Who, Series 2, Volume 1.  Only had time to watch Casino Royale today since tonight was also the night for Survivor, CSI, and Shark.

Hmm..  I just realized that I need to target all these links to my main frame name so that when someone clicks on a link from within my website, that it shows it there and does not open a new window.  But, when viewing the blog itself, it will still open a new window.  So that will work.

Oh, I did change how I was referencing the dynamically created images on my MySpace page. I changed the code to actually reference a .GIF file (playing.gif) and then changed my .htaccess file to redirect it to the PHP script.  See:

RedirectMatch ^/php/playing.gif$
RedirectMatch ^/php/album.gif$

Well, all for now I guess. I need to find a better way in putting code blocks into this blog. Somewhat problematic.