Happy 4th of July! (and some website updates to mention)

Happy Fourth of July!First, let me wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July!! Yes.. the national day to blow stuff up!¬† ūüôā

Website Changes 
OK, within the past few days I have changed some of my webpages in addition to my NASCAR page.  I created a YouTube account and have made a few playlists. One of them is on the NASCAR page and another is a music video playlist on my Entertainment page. I have made some other playlists as well and I may place them elsewhere on the site. Depending on how many music videos I add, I may break the playlists down into Genres. Oh yeah, I have also added a NASCAR Nextel Cup headlines section to my NASCAR page as well.

Blog Changes
I have also made some modifications to my blog, which I am still playing around with.¬† If you are reading this at my blog site then you’ll notice on the right side of the main page that I have added a Google Reader Shared items (yeah I have a Google Reader¬†account), NASCAR, and CNN news-feed widgets.

All for now, and, once again, everyone have a Happy and safe Fourth of July!