Recent server issues slowing down site.

This will only make sense reading on my main website. Due to specific server problems, the random gallery image will most likely not display and my latest Blog entries will probably take around 20 seconds to appear. Hopefully the problem can be corrected soon, but expecting it to be awhile. A major cPanel and email upgrade may have messed up the DNS configurations. It’s taking like 20 seconds for it to find the IP address of and during the page build process. My Blog and Gallery by themselves are working great. ARGH!! Bang head!

Until it gets fixed, I’ll just include a text file with the same information. Which I may just change to doing anyway since it is actually quite a bit more efficient. I’d only regenerate the information after updating my blog. I might be able to get around the gallery delay by writing some code to access the gallery database directly. Hmmmm… In any event, they do need to correct that problem. Actually, this has been happening off and on since August 4th and a few days ago it was fixed. But, I think these recent updates have undone the fix to the DNS configurations. 🙁