Site performing normal again and some website updates.

Well, the server seems to be behaving OK again. Haven’t seen the symptom again for two days now. Watch it happen again as soon as I post this, or tomorrow. LOL. Anyway, to make my main page more efficient, I am going to keep just including a static text file that contains my blog entries. I’ll only update that file when I actually update my blog.. like right after I make this post. My gallery image is still using the PHP Curl method. I also used to have separate log and counter scripts. I have combined both operations into the counter script in a more efficient way. I realized a better method of getting the actual referrer (where a visitor to my webpage came from) which allowed me to get rid of the log script which was being called via an IMG tag. It’s a little tricky when using a framed website because the referrer of the “main” page is always the “index” page that sets up all the frames and loads the menu, midi, and main frames. I am also now able to log the search bots as they visit my site. Normally, the search bots would not request my log script that was in an IMG tag. I also now save the count into a session variable so that it only counts a visitor once in a session.

In addition to all that, I have been playing around with Apache’s mod_rewrite and changed how my midi and some other items are handled so that now a normal looking link like is redirected to my midi database script for processing and the browser is none the wiser. Works better with search engines as well. Here’s what it looks like:

RewriteEngine On
# BEGIN Midi
RewriteRule ^midi/d/([A-Za-z_0-9\)\(\-]*)\.mid$ php/mididb.php?action=download&id=$1.mid [L]
RewriteRule ^midi/d/([A-Za-z_0-9\)\(\-]*)\.kar$ php/mididb.php?action=download&id=$1.kar [L]
# END Midi

Well, I guess that’s about it as far as website updates go. 🙂

Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen it, go see Bourne Ultimatum! That movie rocks!!!