Blog has been updated to WordPress v2.2.3 and other changes.

I’ve updated my blog to WordPress v2.2.3 which includes a few security updates, a couple of which were high priority, and some bug fixes. Like before, I only updated the changed files. Since vars.php was one of the updated files, I did have to edit it and force the $is_apache variable to be true since on my server, the server_software variable comes back with WebServerX instead of Apache. Following is the part that I changed:

// Server detection
//$is_apache = ((strpos($_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'], 'Apache') !== false) || (strpos($_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'], 'LiteSpeed') !== false)) ? true : false;
$is_apache = true;

If I do not do this, then it will not modify the .htaccess file if I change the permalink structure.

I have also decided to reduce the possible annoyance factor when loading my website by not automatically playing the random MIDI file that is loaded into in the media player in the bottom-left frame. You now have to click play in order to hear the song. All other “play” links on the site will cause the player to automatically start playing.

I am aware that my site still uses those evil frames and how taboo it is these days to use them, not to mention the difficulties some search engines have with them. I’ll investigate my options… I just don’t like a seperate pop-up window, tab or browser to be created when clicking on a “play” link. It just makes browsing the site so.. disjointed. Hmmm.. 😕