Should I add additional programming content to my blog, or my website?

I have been thinking of adding some PHP programming content (full blown scripts to achieve this or that to modifications of other scripts to achieve something) to my website and I am trying to decide where I should put it. I can either add them within the context of my Programming page, which is in a current state of extreme lameness, or as a WordPress article or page.

I think the thing to do is to put the main content within the context of my Programming page and then write a blog post about it that links to it. Yeah, that’s the ticket! 🙂

Now, when will all this happen? I have no idea. One of the problems with placing things like this online is the expectation that you will provide support for it when people try it and have problems. I do tech support all day at work and when I get home, I’m generally not in the mood. I think the fact that I won the “Coder” award in Surpass Hosting’s Surmunity forum has inspired me to do this. I had no idea I had won until I was asked about the prize. LOL. So, stay tuned for this!