Why it pays to rent an apartment (fixing a leaky fridge).

The refrigerator in my apartment started leaking on the inside. It would drip from the top of refrigerator portion (freezer is on top) and hit the bottom. I placed a towel on the bottom and kind of let it go for awhile since my fridge is not exactly full of stuff. It had mostly cokes, a gallon of milk, some chip dip, and some other items.

However, after putting a pizza box on the next to bottom shelf and coming back later to a soggy pizza (gross!) I figured it was time to get it fixed. So, while I was at the apartment office paying my rent on my day off, I told them about it. They said no problem and would have someone out there.

A few hours later the maintenance guy arrived and went straight to work. It was rather apparent he knew exactly how to fix it and had done so numerous times. He turned the fridge off, removed the bottom shelf of the freezer and some other panels, and then removed all the ice that had accumulated in the bottom part of the freezer (apparently a grape soda bottle or maybe a grape popsicle melted in there as some of the ice had a purplish appearance). I assisted as I could by mainly aiming my flash light where he was working so he could see better.

After all the ice had been removed, he then brandished a turkey baster, yes, a turkey baster, filled it with warm water and stuck it into a clogged drain hole in the back of the freezer and alternated squeezing and sucking the water back out and repeated this until the warm water had melted all the ice in the line and was able to drain freely. Afterwards, he put the freezer back together. Problem solved! Green with Envy For those curious, it is a GE Hotpoint Model CTX14CYSDRAD.

This episode reminded me again of why it pays to rent an apartment. If something breaks, I don’t have to fix it and I don’t have to pay for it to get fixed or replaced.