Two movies added to DVD collection and other website changes.

DVD Additions

Although I have had them for awhile, I’ve added the following two movies to my DVD collection:

Both of these are great movies and I hope to expand my collection on Christmas. 🙂

Blog changes

I have also added a widget on the right side of my blog to display a random image from my gallery. In order to do this, I had to install a new plug-in for my blog.  It is the Executable PHP widget which allows me to include PHP code between <?php ?> tags. In addition, I have installed the Revision Control plug-in to control how many revisions of a post WordPress saves as I am writing an article.  I looked for something like this when I noticed 15 revisions of a post that I had published.  Since I am the only one editing my posts, I clearly do not need that many revisions hanging around taking up database space.  With this plug-in I have initially setup a default setting of 2 revisions just in case I really screw some post up or something LOL. I may adjust this amount. At least I do have some control over it now.

Main websites changes

I have also changed around the home page of my main website. I moved the weather/flag image to its own section on the right edge above the random gallery image.  I never really did like how I had it before as it always appeared odd.. probably some lack of symmetry issue.  I think my home page looks much better now.  I did modify the gallery image block a little by adjusting the CSS as I thought the way it looked in my blog was better.

Well, I guess that’s it for the moment. 🙂