Four movies added to DVD collection and music video modifications.

Along with The Dark Knight, I also got the following four movies for Christmas:

As I’ve been doing lately, both the front DVD cover and trailer are included.  Concerning the trailers, I have started adding &fmt=18 to the URL of YouTube videos to download a higher quality video in MP4 format.  I learned of this trick here.  These videos will still play fine in the flash player.

On my Entertainment page, I have corrected a problem that I noticed with the music videos.  It seems that many were removed due to copyright/compensation disputes between YouTube(Google) and Warner Music Group and as such I have had to replace them with alternate videos of the same songs I found on YouTube.  Who knows if they’ll remain or not 😕 .  Do a search on Google for more articles concerning the issue.  Dumb. All they are doing is shooting themselves in the foot.  There are several artists whose music I would have never bought (Bond and Vanessa-Mae as two examples), if I had not stumbled across their music on YouTube and other sources.