I am trying Twitter out.

Well, I’ve decided to try the Twitter thing out with my profile page at http://twitter.com/mrheadrick. I was tempted by some threads at my webhost and CNN Newsroom where Rick Sanchez has his Twitter board. What can I say, my TV seems to be tuned to CNN when there’s not something else I’d rather be watching.

Time will tell how much I really use it and if it eventually goes the way of my ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and who knows what other instant messenger type programs I’ve used and now no longer do, or at least very rarely.  It’s almost annoying how many of these instant messenger and social networking things there are around.  Probably why things like Pidgin are often used so you only have to use one program to connect and send messages to users via a variety of messaging protocols. I will admit that Twitter is a little different from your typical instant messenger service and MySpace type community.

So far I can’t say that I’m pleased with Twitter’s support. I have an open request that’s been sitting there for 5 days now without having even been assigned to anyone. The request is irrelevant now so I’ve just told them to close it. I was wanting them to confirm that MarkRH was actually taken since I was not able to create it as it said it already existed but there’s no Twitter URL for it nor does a search show that username. Oh well, what can you expect? It’s free.

I am trying out a Firefox plug-in called TwitterFox which seems to work pretty well and doesn’t consume extra screen space or require the need to always have a Twitter tab open; although, I seem to anyway LOL. I did manage to stumble onto the public Twitter timeline which shows what everyone is saying or doing.  It’s kind of interesting to check that out every now and then. If I make another post about Twitter I’ll create a category for it most likely.

All this reminds me of what my dad says to mom all the time: “What’s the word bird?”, to which she responds: “Tweet” LOL. 🙂