Experimenting with daily Twitter digest on blog.

One of the options that Twitter Tools for WordPress has is for creating a daily post containing that day’s Tweets. This option is experimental; however, I thought I would try it out. Well, it sort of worked. It created a post of tweets dated 2-10-2009;  however, it contained the Tweets for the day before. It also did not create it in a format I liked. So, I was given the idea by @robmonroe to create my own scripts to achieve this.

Since Twitter Tools was already adding my tweets into the WordPress database, I figured I would use that data within my script. The first thing I needed to do was create a SQL statement that would grab the correct tweets out of the database. Then, use those records to construct a message that I can send to my blog via email for it to create a post. The post you see below is the result. I have added the scripts that achieve this to my PC’s scheduled tasks to run just after midnight.  I’ll know tonight if it works again.

I’ll see how it goes for a few days to see if I really want to do this as it does seem to be a bit much at first glance and if I want those posts to appear on the main page of my blog or only when viewing the Daily Tweets category. I have found a snippet of code that will achieve this. Once I know everything is functioning properly I will most likely create another post to share the code I used to achieve this for other Twitter and WordPress users. Stay tuned! 🙂