Advanced Category Excluder installed to control Daily Tweet Archive.

My gut reaction to having my Daily Tweet Archive/Twitter Digest posts appearing on the main page of my blog and, consequently, the home page of my main website was that it was a bit too much. I found the Advanced Category Excluder WordPress plug-in that lets you control what categories will appear on your blog home page, rss feeds, and so on. I have decided to use it to exclude my Daily Tweets category. You’ll need to click on the Daily Tweets category link in the side-bar of my blog or the Daily Tweet Archive link at the bottom of the Twitter Updates widget on my main page.

It’s entirely possible that I’ll change my mind and re-include it or lessen the space they take up by using the more tag. If nothing else, I found a useful plug-in LOL. 🙂

One thought on “Advanced Category Excluder installed to control Daily Tweet Archive.

  1. Rob

    You could always do a nice weekly digest with a more tag. That’d be the best of both worlds. I actually considered doing it that way at first but went for the daily option mostly for testing purposes and eventually decided against it due to the imbalance of my tweets when looked at on a weekly format (Sunday-Saturday). I also like the idea of daily tweets better as they generally relate or follow each other somehow.

    At any rate, it has caused me to blog a little more, even if they’re smaller less meaty posts it’s still more content, you know?