Twittering with the NASCAR Nation

During the Gatorade Duals on Thursday, the truck race Friday night, and today’s Nationwide Race, I was following and twittering with other NASCAR fans (both away and in Daytona at the race itself), journalists, and even a few representatives from some of the NASCAR sponsors. One of them , @matthumphreycar with the Orlando Sentinel posted about it in his NASCAR blog:  Twitter helps NASCAR fans keep pace with favorites.

As I mentioned in my other post, Latest NASCAR tweets added to NASCAR page, there are a number of ways to follow the conversation using the search features in some of the Twitter clients, such as TweetDeck, or websites such as this NASCAR Twitter group, Twitter’s own search siteTweetGrid, or my own NASCAR page; although, I am still working out bugs as I uncover them. Following is a brief snapshot of the conversation:

I’ll do it again tomorrow during the Daytona 500. It will be interesting for sure. I wonder how many will use Twitter during those periods of, uhm, lesser excitement during some of the longer races? Go Dale Jr.!!! 🙂