To post or not to post? That is the question.

After reading Be Careful What You Post, this got me to thinking about something I’ve thought about fairly often. In the past there have been many things I’ve wanted to say or get off my chest that after thinking about it decided against making a post. The reason being, for good or bad, that anything you post, say in a tweet, or write in an “open” forum is there for all to view potentially. This includes past, current, or possible future employers or someone that knows someone who knows some person, company, or product you talked about. In this age, you know that anyone that is thinking about hiring you, that you currently work with, that you’ve just asked out on a date or whatever, is going to look your name up on Google or some other search engine or social network like MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter to find out what they come across.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of twittering lately (I think that addictive nature of my personality has, at the moment, grabbed a hold of Twitter), I sometimes wonder if people forget that what they say in @replies are completely open for public viewing. I also wonder about how private direct messages really are. I also wonder about the integrity of the authors/creators of all these Twitter clients and Websites that ask for a username and password.

So, I guess, in the end, unless you don’t care who might potentially read what you say and the possible repercussions if they do, well, then don’t post, tweet, or write it. 🙂