My new Facebook page and integration with Twitter and Blog

Well, I’ve finally decided to create a Facebook page and have been in the process of learning what I can and can’t do with it.  I think I’ve found most of my friends already so they already know I have it.

Initially I had installed the Twitter Facebook application to let Twitter update my Facebook status at the same time; however, I soon realized that I might annoy friends on Facebook with the amount of tweets I make, especially during the NASCAR races.  However, the latest beta version of TweetDeck integrates with Facebook itself and gives you a choice where to send your updates: Twitter, Facebook, or both. (Update: Using the Selective Twitter Facebook application to update Facebook)

Using Facebook’s blog import feature of its Notes application, I was able to import my blog here.  This way, any posts I make here automatically show-up on Facebook allowing my friends to comment on them easier.  I wonder if there’s some way of adding their comments on Facebook to here as well? I’ll have to check into that but I’m not sure that’s possible. In any event, just being able to import my blog here makes it better than what’s possible with MySpace.

I like the Links feature of Facebook. I think I may use that to add links to new photos that I add to my gallery. According to this article, Facebook is redesigning its recent redesign so I’ll reserve final judgement until after this takes place.

2 thoughts on “My new Facebook page and integration with Twitter and Blog

  1. Yesenia

    Were you able to synchronize your Facebook page with your Twitter account? So far I only see this working between Facebook profiles and Twitter profiles. If you know how to do this with Pages, I’ll appreciate your information.

  2. MarkRH Post author

    I only had two goals.

    1: Be able to update my Facebook status by using Twitter. I can do this by using the Selective Twitter Facebook Application. There is a link to it in the post.
    2: Be able to import my Blog posts here into Facebook which I can via the blog import feature of the Facebook Notes application, which seems to be Facebook’s built-in blog application. I don’t want my Pages here to show on Facebook.