Star Trek (2009) added to DVD collection!

Star TrekI’ve added Star Trek to my DVD Collection! 😀

This movie was AWESOME! They did a fantastic job re-introducing the Star Trek franchise with this film and handled the concerns I had going into it. By creating a new timeline (parallel universe) with Spock and the Romulan’s interactions, they are freed from having to match what the first crew did and experienced. It will also help explain why the technology of this particular crew will be so much more advanced than the original due to the input and advances introduced by the original Spock This, in turn, lets them get away with using better special effects than what the original series and movies had at their disposal.

What’s even better than all the effects is the character interaction, story, and acting (something which Star Wars I suffered from). Zachary Quinto as the new Spock was perfect. It’s amazing how much he looks like the original. It was good to see Leonard Nimoy playing Spock again as well. I’m not one to go on and on about movies, so I’ll just say this one more time: It was AWESOME!

I’ve included the outer cover image that the case slides into as well as the front and back images of the case itself. 3 Trailers and 1 TV spot are also included in a combination video that I found on YouTube.