My FriendFeed Account Is Going the Way of the Dodo

Dodo BirdAfter some thought, I’ve decided to get rid of my FriendFeed account. There are a few reasons why:

I mainly used FriendFeed as a bridge between my Twitter and Facebook accounts and the various RSS feeds from my blog, gallery, and shared Google Reader posts. However, some of this functionality has been lost. FriendFeed used to be able to have its own tab in my Facebook profile which allowed those who did not use Twitter to see my Twitter updates if they wished without leaving Facebook. (Yes, I am aware of the many tools to have Twitter updates show on Facebook and I use Selective Tweets for this purpose when I want a tweet to show there.)

It has also been very problematic in grabbing Facebook items and forwarding them to my Twitter account and did not seem to be consistently getting new items from my RSS feeds and sending those to Twitter. I have since started to use Twitterfeed (site removed) and RSS Grafitti (not active it seems) to send RSS feed updates to my Twitter and Facebook accounts and have disabled this part of my FriendFeed account as a result.

It also seems like 90-95% of the content in my FriendFeed stream is being generated by people’s Twitter updates, most of whom I am already following on Twitter anyway LOL. As such, I hardly even look at the FriendFeed site anymore.

So, yeah, it’s time for my FriendFeed account to go the way of the Dodo Bird. ๐Ÿ™‚ For those that follow me on FriendFeed, feel free to follow me @mrheadrick and/or on Facebook if you’re not already.

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