Gallery Upgraded to Version 3.0.1

A couple days ago I upgraded my Gallery to version 3.0.1. The process wasn’t quite as easy as it is to upgrade my blog these days in that it’s not just a simple point-and-click operation. Even so, it did go without issue as I understood how I needed to go about it. My process was as follows, which closely follows these upgrade instructions:

  1. Backed up the current database and files (I had modified several of the core code files so wanted to make sure I saved everything for later comparison).

  2. Created a new temporary directory both locally and on the server that would receive all the updated code before switching it to the live version.

  3. Copied over my customized .htaccess, robots.txt, favicon.ico, php.ini, local.php and other necessary files that I use into the new directory.

  4. Downloaded the Gallery 3.0.1 code and extracted it locally. I then removed the included .htaccess and robots.txt files so they would not overwrite my custom ones. I then re-zipped the files into the proper directory structure for my situation.

  5. Uploaded and extracted these files into the new directory I had made on the server.

  6. Copied over the /var directory to its corresponding location in the new directory I made in step 2.

  7. Changed my theme within the Gallery admin section to the default theme so that when I switched directories, it would have a theme to load as I knew I would be re-doing my custom theme based off the new default.

  8. I went to to make sure I had the latest versions of the 3rd-party modules that I use, several of which did have newer versions. I extracted the modules locally and combined them all into a single MYMODS.ZIP file to upload to the server. I then extracted these into the /modules directory of the new gallery directory I had created.

  9. Renamed my gallery directories such that the new code would be active and ran the upgrade script. It updated both core and 3rd-party modules that needed to be. The new gallery code was then active and everything seemed to work fine.

At this point it was time to re-create my theme with the new Gallery default Wind theme as the base and add back the various code tweaks I had made over time if needed. Rather than go into any code specifics with this post, I will make separate posts as warranted, most notably about how to not count views by the Gallery admin. 🙂