Blog Updated to WordPress 3.3 and Other Website Changes

WordPress 3.3 was just released and I’ve completed upgrading my blog. Nothing to it really. Just clicked the update button and it did the rest. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, I did back-up the database and directory structure before starting the process.ย  I also had to do my usual code tweaks to vars.php and wp-login.php that I do with every upgrade.

They also updated the Twenty Eleven theme to version 1.3; however, since I am using a Child Theme, I lost none of my changes and after doing a file comparison it looks like nothing has changed within the files that my child theme is using, such as header.php.

I also added a GetGlue widget (to find these, go to the Widgets section of your account settings) to both my blog and main website, and updated the Twitter widgets on both as well. After adding the newer Twitter widgets I needed to adjust some of the CSS to allow for a wider side-bar and also widened the main content area of the blog’s main page while I was at it. There was more empty space between the two than there needed to be. I also adjusted the appearance of the H3 header tag when used in the context of a post. It looks cool as a widget title in the side-bar but was getting lost in posts as it’s smaller than the normal text. Anyway, it looks fine now:

H3 header tag In a post.

Here’s the changes I made in my theme’s style.css file to make these changes:

#content {
   /* margin: 0 34% 0 7.6%; */
   margin: 0 34% 0 3.8%;
   /* width: 58.4%; */
   width: 62.4%;

#primary {
   margin: 0 -29.4% 0 0;

#secondary {
   /* margin-right: 7.6%; */
   margin-right: 3.8%;
   /* width: 18.8%; */
   width: 25%;

.entry-content h3, .comment-content h3 {
   font-size: 100%;
   font-weight: bold;

Now I need to figure out how to get WordPress’s post editor to look the same. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I think I’m going to go play EverQuest II right now.