Blog Updated to WordPress v3.5.1 and Other Website Changes

Blog Update

Just completed upgrading my blog to WordPress 3.5.1 which corrected some bugs and addressed some security issues. All I did for this update was backup my database and files and then clicked the automatic update button. No problems. Well, if this post works, then no problems. LOL πŸ™‚

Other Website Updates

January 26, 2013: Forgot to mention something rather obvious on the front page of my main website. Like my blog’s sidebar, I added the latest song I played in Winamp. Late last night (early this morning) I also modified my NASCAR page to show ESPN’s NASCAR News Feed for now as NASCAR removed their feeds from their site. Ehh, NASCAR’s loss I guess.

XMPlay LogoOther than the changes to my NASCAR page the previous post mentions, I worked on my MOD Page to have the same color and background as everything else. It made more sense back in the day when each page was stand-alone with no side menu. I also added links and information (Windows 7 users with UAC will want to read) to a new MOD player I’ve been trying called XMPlay. It plays MOD files very well. I’ve tried a few of the skins out and added the LAME Encoder so I can create MP3 files from the MOD files. I will probably install the latest version from the LAME Project and experiment with the best command line parameters.

I updated my Entertainment/Now Playing page to correct an issue I was having with the GetGlue Sticker widget. I kept getting web service errors with it (from GetGlue). I went on GetGlue’s Widget page for my account and looked at the source code they had on their page for my widgets there and added this bit of code prior to the script code line they tell you to add which seems to have done the trick:

<script type="text/javascript">
   var getglue = getglue || {};
   getglue.config = getglue.config || {}; = '';
   getglue.config.webhost = '';

To see/get these widgets, you have to be logged into their “old” or original website which, IMHO, is much better.

Those are the only updates really worth mentioning at this time. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Blog Updated to WordPress v3.5.1 and Other Website Changes

  1. Jillette


    My getglue widget is not appearing and i followed your instructions but it’s still not projecting my check ins though it’s taking up the space of the widget on the “Glued On” part. What might be wrong?

  2. Mark Headrick Post author


    I just went to your website and can see the GetGlue widget and your check-ins just fine. Might want to do a force browser refresh or clear the browser’s cache. Are you able to see the check-in widget here on my blog to the right? If so that should rule out some browser configuration preventing it from displaying.