Website Changes During June 2013

Main Site Updates

The biggest changes were adding a YouTube player to my General MIDI page that plays some videos I made while playing karaoke (has lyrics) MIDI files in XMPlay. I also added a #okwx (Oklahoma Weather) Twitter search widget to my Weather page. I sometimes wonder if my site is slowly starting to suffer from feature creep with each button and widget that gets added. I think I’m still OK LOL. 🙂

Gallery Updates

Gallery released version 3.0.8 at the end of last month which I have since upgraded my galleries to. It addressed a couple late-minute security vulnerabilities that were discovered.

Blog Updates

WordPress v3.5.2, a Maintenance and Security update, was released yesterday which I’ve upgraded my blog to. Performed my normal process of backing-up the database and file structure before applying the update.

Company of Valor Updates

I’ve been slowly going through my Company of Valor (An EverQuest guild that used to exist on the Quellious server about 9 years ago that I was the leader of.) website updating the code and correcting several issues. I think the Resources/Links page had around 50 broken links on it  😯 LOL. Some of the pages there were made 13 years ago. A lot of the pages don’t have closing paragraph tags and other such coding practices that were the norm back then. It’s kind of a low priority deal so I do a few pages a day when I’m in the mood. 🙂