Website Changes for August 2013

Main Site Updates

Nothing that big since last time. I’ve updated the Winamp Info and Firefox Configuration pages to reflect the latest changes to those programs. I also tweaked the YouTube Playlist players a little to show a starting thumbnail image because for some reason they just went all black. Seems the embed code you get from YouTube is slightly different depending where you get it.

Blog Updates

WordPress Version 3.6 was released a couple days ago which I have since upgraded to and this post is a test of that as well. This update does include a new default theme called Twenty Thirteen. I’m still playing around with the theme locally on my PC to see if I really want to change to it. If I end up making it look like what I’m using now (colors and appearance) then there’s really no point in changing themes LOL. Haven’t looked at it close enough yet to determine if there’s some feature or ability that only the newer theme has.

The process was the same as always: backed-up the database and files and then clicked the Update button. I then reapplied some of the custom code tweaks that I do (there’s only 3 modifications that involve the core files).

Gallery Updates

Gallery released version 3.0.9 at the end of June which I have since upgraded my galleries to. It addressed a couple minor security vulnerabilities that were discovered. Due to the amount of code tweaks I have, several of which are in the core files, updating Gallery is a bit more involved. I do make back-ups of everything first as I invariably forget to re-modify something LOL. A lot of Windiff is involved to compare changes between versions. Anyway, I’m not going to go into the details as it’s specific to my case and needs.

That’s all the changes that come to mind at the moment. I’ll add to this during the month if need be. 🙂