Website Changes for December 2015


Updated the blog to WordPress v4.4. Did the usual backing up of the database and file structure before applying the update. I then added my various code tweaks back in.  This update did include a newer version of the Twenty Twelve theme which my blog uses a child theme of. Since none of the files I am using in my child theme were updated in the parent theme, I didn’t need to modify anything. This version did introduce a new Twenty Sixteen default theme which I’ll check out locally.


Updated both of my galleries (mine, Mysstie’s) to Zenphoto v1.4.11. Followed their upgrade instructions and backed up the themes and zp-core directories as well as the database before copying over the new files.  I then used Windiff and code comparisons in PSPad to integrate any new changes in the default Garland theme into my custom Garland theme. I then added my customization back into the html_meta_tags.php file since I use a custom og:image image that matches the image shown on the page.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. If I change anything else, I’ll add it to this post. 🙂