How to Get a YouTube Channel’s RSS Feed

Well, I was trying add the PBS Space Time YouTube channel’s RSS feed to my reader like I’ve done with other channels in the past; however, the browser was never detecting the feed and it has seemed problematic with YouTube for sometime. Actually, when I examined the source code, I could not find any reference to a feed for the browser to detect.ย  So, here’s what I did.

I found a working feed which had a URL like:

I then replaced (channel-id) with the one for PBS Space Time which happens to be


so the complete URL would be:

You can find the channel id by looking at the address bar in your browser when looking a the channel’s home. Example:

PBS Space Time channel ID in the browser's address bar.It worked! Hope this helps someone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update September 18, 2016: You can also use the userย name that shows in the address bar if it doesn’t have a channel ID. Use user=username to specify the RSS feed. In this case a URL would be like:

Update April 4, 2017: I found out from here that for a YouTube playlist, use playlist_id. So, for my music video playlist, the URL would be:

Update September 5, 2017: Check out my new post: How to Get RSS Feeds For All Your YouTube Subscriptions that describes how to import all your YouTube subscription RSS feeds at once.

16 thoughts on “How to Get a YouTube Channel’s RSS Feed


      Nope, it was just a coincidence.
      Check this channel instead:

      The main-livestream is
      equals (for now at least) to

      does not list the live-event at first, in fact, it does not list it at all.

      My conclusion: The standard “videos.xml” only lists the 12 most recent events, nothing more.
      Someone knows a alternative?

    1. Mark Headrick Post author

      The thumbnails are included in the feeds. The code usually has something like <media:thumbnail url=”” width=”480″ height=”360″> in it.

      Anyway, it’s up to YouTube what they send out in the feed and it’s up to the RSS Reader how it displays it.

  1. Michelle

    Thank you very much for this. I didn’t realize I could use the user name and with Youtube’s latest change, I was having a hard time finding their channel ID. Tried the username like you said and it’s working perfect. Thank you!!