How to Get RSS Feeds For All Your YouTube Subscriptions

Update January 21, 2023: Suppose I should mention that this no longer works and probably hasn’t for some time. Looks like they removed the Export to RSS Readers option (boo!). The individual YouTube channels do still have RSS Feed links in them and RSS feed detection extensions in browsers should detect them (RSSPreview for Firefox does). Might need to refresh the channel page for them to see the correct one.

This is a follow-up to my post How to Get a YouTube Channel’s RSS Feed. I actually stumbled onto this by accident (by clicking on the red SUBSCRIPTIONS link in the left-hand menu it would seem). You need to go to on YouTube and at the bottom you will see Export to RSS readers with an Export subscriptions button on the right. After clicking the button it will download a XML file to your system.

Next, if you happen to be using Feedly, you can now import all of your YouTube RSS feeds at once by going to the Organize Sources section which should be at and clicking the Import OPML button on the top-right and selecting the XML file you just downloaded from YouTube. There you go! 🙂 Other RSS readers should have a similar import mechanism. Hope this helped someone.

4 thoughts on “How to Get RSS Feeds For All Your YouTube Subscriptions

  1. Cat

    Great tip, thank you. I’m a Feedly user and would like to get an RSS Feed based on keyword search in YouTube. Is this even possible anymore? It was easy to do when Google Reader existed.

    1. Mark Headrick Post author


      Well, if there is a way to get a keyword or search term related RSS feed, I haven’t come across a way. The things I’ve found online either don’t work anymore or use some paid 3rd party service. I’ll keep my eye out though.

      Mark H.

  2. Hunter

    Thank you Mark! I eventually got fed up with how much screen time I was spending on YouTube and so I decided to do something about it. I had no idea what I was searching for but wanted away to access subscriptions without that pesky homepage. This is perfect, I can’t believe it! I could kiss you right now Mark I stg.