Galleries Updated to Zenphoto v1.5.5

Zenphoto Logo

I just updated my galleries (mine, Mysstie’s) to Zenphoto v1.5.5. Followed their upgrade instructions and backed up the themes and zp-core directories as well as the database before copying over the new files.  I then used Windiff and code comparisons in PSPad to integrate any new changes in the default Garland theme into my custom Garland theme. As luck would have it, nothing changed since version 1.5.4.

The most difficulty actually came from updating my local installation. There were some left over issues from getting Windows 10 installed and setting the databases back up. Unfortunately, Backblaze did not backup the database files due to where they were located in the C:\Program Files structure. This time, I changed MariaDB to store the database files in a directory within my Documents folder which Backblaze will backup (if I close the MariaDB service so the files are not in use).

Anyway, I had to make due with some older copies which didn’t really work too well either. So, I ended up wiping the databases and installed fresh. I also noticed that it took forever for the setup script to complete. I think that might have been due to Windows Defender getting in the way. I’ve excluded my C:\www directory where all my website files are from being scanned and will see how it behaves next time. As far as the galleries on my web host went, no issues at all. 🙂