New Epson EcoTank ET-2800 Printer for Computer

My Epson XP-520 printer started having issues. It seemed to be using more ink to clean the heads than was used in actual printing. Also, it was printing black ink in places where it should have been using one of the color inks. Even when running the Head Nozzle Check program, it would print some of the yellow as black. In addition, it was getting harder and harder to find the ink for it (273 or 273XL ink).

I started to look around at printers in the stores and online and decided to try out one of the EcoTank printers that use bottles of ink instead of cartridges. The ink in these printers are also supposed to last much longer. I eventually decided to on the Epson EcoTank ET-2800 printer/scanner as it seemed reasonably priced at $189.99 and was at a local Office Depot. Here’s what it looks like on my desk:

Epson EcoTank ET-2800 Printer

So far it has been printing and scanning well. Being an ink-jet printer, I do realize that I’ll probably have to clean the Print Head Nozzles from time to time. Hopefully, it’ll behave better for longer. The only thing it’s missing that the XP-520 printer had is a SD card reader. So, I’ll probably need to get a separate USB to SD card reader since my PC does not have one built-in. I am fine with that though.

I have updated my Hardware page to reflect the addition. 🙂