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Parent’s wall phone working fine now, DSL installation complete!

Just thought I’d update that I was able to get the folks’ wall-phone working with the DSL filter. I had to take the phone apart and remove the sliding male connector on the back and cutting the wires going to it. I then cut a phone cord and stripped all the wires and spliced the like colored wires together. I was then able to plug this connector into the DSL filter plate and then attach the phone. Their DSL installation is now complete! 🙂

My folks finally have High-Speed Internet

After many years of 24K Dial-Up, my folks are finally on broadband.  Last week I ordered AT&T DSL for them and I set it up for them today (ok, technically yesterday since it’s 2:00am now).  They are using the lowest speed offering of 768 Kbps down/128 Kbps up.  Following is a speedtest result:

Something tells me the upload speed is more like the 384 KBps setting.  My mom is pretty much blown away by the improvement.  What’s even better, the cost is less than what the dial-up was! 🙂 The only thing left to do is figure a way to get the DSL filter for the wall-phone to work properly.  The female connector on the plate does not protude out far enough to make contact with the male connector on the back of the phone. 😕 Argh!!

Since they are now on broadband, I downloaded and installed all the Windows XP updates and IE7 on their system as well as the latest version of the JAVA runtime.