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Twitter Timelines Removed from My Websites

Update July 25, 2023: Well, it seems that if you are logged into Twitter, you can see the embedded profile timelines now. However, I just realized that if you are not logged into Twitter, you still just see the “Nothing to see here – yet” message. So, it still makes it not worth including them in my eyes. Ergh.

Well, whatever Twitter has done recently to not allow you to view tweets unless you are logged in (which may or may not still be case) has possibly caused the embedding of profile timelines (showing tweets you’ve made) to not work. The all seem to come back with a message of “Nothing to see here – yet” . There must be more than just requiring to be logged in, since I am logged in. In fact, it doesn’t even work on their own Twitter Developer Platform Timelines page.

Until they get it working again or come up with some different process, I have removed these timeline widgets from my Blog, Main Website, and Mysstie site.

Related to this, I have also stopped importing my tweets into my blog for some time (Daily Tweets category) and automatically sending new blog post notifications to Twitter as they have suspended all of my PHP script based applications. This has also affected my ability to automatically send new gallery image notifications to Twitter. They now have a new API structure set up which I’m just not going to sign-up for due to the costs. 😮

It all kind of just sucks and we’ll have to wait and see where it all ultimately settles out. I will continue to use Twitter but in more a manual process, LOL. On a side note, I hope everyone one had a great 4th of July! πŸ™‚

Twitter Killed Their Search Widgets

Well, Twitter finally went and did it. They killed their search widgets. All the search widgets stopped working on my web pages today. 🙁 They’ve been planning this for awhile: Deprecating widget settings – Announcements – Twitter Developers . The following pages are now missing their widgets: my Weather, NASCAR, and Entertainment Page, as well as the EverQuest II search at Mysstie.

So, for now, all I can do is provide links directly to Twitter, like #okwx OR #okfire OR #okquake – Twitter Search. Blah… Sigh.

Website Changes for September 2015

Main Website

The only noticeable thing I did to my main website since adding links to my Winamp Skins on the Winamp Info page, was adding a new Twitter widget to my Entertainment page in the TV Show section. It looks for all the tweets I’ve sent with the #TV hashtag. I figured that’s the best way to indicate what shows I am watching since GetGlue/TvTag shut down. Yeah, I know I’m the only one that gives a flying fruit cake about it. πŸ™‚


Updated the blog to WordPress v4.3.1 which was a security and bug fix. Did the usual backing up of the database and file structure before applying the update. Then added my various code tweaks back in.


Updated both of my galleries (mine, Mysstie’s) to Zenphoto v1.4.10. Followed their upgrade instructions and backed up the themes and zp-core directories as well as the database before copying over the new files.Β  I then used Windiff and code comparisons in PSPad to integrate any new changes in the default Garland theme into my custom Garland theme.

Pelicar Forum

Patched the Pelicar Forum to SMF 2.0.11. Like everything else, backed up the database and files first.

Mysstie’s Website

I added a EverQuest II Legends of Norrath Loot Card Links page. I just wanted a quick way to view the various loot card pages specific to EverQuest II. Actually, I guess I added that at the end of August. Oh well, LOL. πŸ™‚

That’s all I can think of for now.

Calculating The Length of a Tweet in EverQuest II

EQII Share Dialog

As some of you might know, EverQuest II allows you to Tweet and post updates to Facebook via its EQII Share interface. The problem is, if your tweet message is too long, it will fail with some cryptic error in your chat window. While the EQII Share dialog window shows a character count, it does not take everything into account. Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Every tweet contains the automatically added #EQ2 hashtag. Along with the additional space character to make ” #EQ2″ that’s 5 characters added to the tweet.
  • If you have your character’s name set as a prefix in the EQII Share options, this needs to be counted as well. For example, if I use the name Krysstie as a prefix (8 characters) then a total of 10 characters will be added to the tweet as “Krysstie: “. You must count the added colon and space that comes after the name.
  • If you include a screenshot with your tweet, this is another 21 characters taken away from your message. 20 for the URL itself and 1 character for an additional space. The URLs will be something like: which happens to be a screenshot one of my characters took.

So, in the case of Krysstie, my message in the dialog can not be more than 104 characters if I include a screenshot. 10(name) + 104(message) + 5(#EQ2 hashtag) + 21(screenshot URL) = 140 characters. If I don’t included a screenshot, then my message can be 125 characters.

I’ve sent feedback from within the game to improve the dialog to take these things into consideration when calculating the character count; however, with the Chains of Eternity expansion just about to be released, I’m pretty sure it will be way down on their list of priorities. πŸ™‚ Anyway, hope someone finds this tidbit of information useful.

Website Changes for October 2012

Here’s October 2012’s list of changes changes to my websites. πŸ™‚

Friday, October 26, 2012

While I was trying to get a new version of Apache (2.2.23) and PHP (5.3.18) installed and working on my system to better match what Surpass Hosting upgraded my server to on the 23rd, I noticed that I had a slightly newer version of the Inception Blu-ray page than had been uploaded. It now has the back-cover image and properly sized player to match the trailer’s actual dimensions. The things that happened concerning the server upgrade and me trying to get these newer Apache and PHP versions installed and working would probably warrant a separate post.

Suppose I should change the published date on this post to match the latest date on it. Uhh.. maybe not.. it changes the permalink for the post as well, breaking the old link. Better change the published date back to the original LOL. Hrmm.. food for thought with these posts. I know what to do next time. Make sure I change the permalink to contain just the month of the post and not the day. Actually, I can’t do that either, at least not easily. I’d have to manually change the permalink in the database. Ehh.. I’ll think on the matter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Decided I would try out Twitter’s new Embedded Timeline widgets. I’ve added this newer version to both my main website and blog. I also decided to test out a #NASCAR search widget on my NASCAR page. At the moment I’d call them a work in progress. For example, I’ve defined the link color to be blue or #0000FF for the widget on my main website and they do show as blue in Firefox; however, they don’t in IE9. The #NASCAR search widget is also missing a lot of tweets that a normal #NASCAR search shows. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now in case there is some behind the scenes work still going on that I’m not aware of or some setting that I need to tweak. If it doesn’t start to work better in a few days then I’ll probably get rid of it.