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Happy 4th of July for 2012!

Happy 4th of July!Wishing everyone a Happy (and safe) 4th of July! 🙂 For those in certain Oklahoma city areas, AAA is offering their Tipsy Tow service for free once again. You can call them at (800) AAA-HELP or (800) 222-4357. So, there’s no excuse for anyone to drink and drive. 🙂

Here’s a video of my EverQuest II character setting off some fireworks on her outdoor patio. If it were the real world, the house would probably catch fire LOL. Oh, nevermind the snow, it’s always snowing in Frostfang Sea.

Happy Thanksgiving for 2011!

Happy ThanksgivingWishing everyone a Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving for 2011! I’ll be spending mine with the folks and really looking forward to all the great food and time spent with family! 🙂

If you happen to be thinking about deep-frying your turkey, you might want to watch a few tips from William Shatner to keep from burning your eyebrows off or your house down:

Updated my NASCAR and Weather pages, and it’s June 6th

Just a real quick note to mention that I’ve updated my NASCAR and Weather pages to include some additional links and Twitter resources.

June 6th.. well, not only is today D-Day, it’s also my B-Day. I turn 40 today! ACK! 😯

The following music video also mentions the date June 6th:

Yeah.. that’s about all I have to say for now LOL. I’m tired. 🙂

Four movies added to DVD collection and music video modifications.

Along with The Dark Knight, I also got the following four movies for Christmas:

As I’ve been doing lately, both the front DVD cover and trailer are included.  Concerning the trailers, I have started adding &fmt=18 to the URL of YouTube videos to download a higher quality video in MP4 format.  I learned of this trick here.  These videos will still play fine in the flash player.

On my Entertainment page, I have corrected a problem that I noticed with the music videos.  It seems that many were removed due to copyright/compensation disputes between YouTube(Google) and Warner Music Group and as such I have had to replace them with alternate videos of the same songs I found on YouTube.  Who knows if they’ll remain or not 😕 .  Do a search on Google for more articles concerning the issue.  Dumb. All they are doing is shooting themselves in the foot.  There are several artists whose music I would have never bought (Bond and Vanessa-Mae as two examples), if I had not stumbled across their music on YouTube and other sources.