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Holy download speeds, Batman!

I was so impressed by this I just had to post about it. I decided on a whim to try out the Tweak Test at DSL Reports. I followed their advice and used the DRTCP tool to change my RWIN setting to 135000, Window Scaling to Yes, and Timestamp to No. I then ran some speedtests after rebooting my system and noticed a large improvement! Big Grin

I arrived at my RWIN setting by taking (60ms x 1.5 * 12000) / 8 = 13500, where 60ms = my average latency or ping time to most sites and 12000 = my download speed since I’m on Cox Communications’ 12-15Mbps/1000kbps speed plan. Following is a screenshot of the DRTCP tool:


Here are some before and after speedtests:



That’s quite an improvement on my download speeds! Woohoo! Green with Envy