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Meytal’s Second Album, The Witness, is Great!

I just got Meytal’s second album, The Witness. I’ve listened to all of it and it is great! It does have a similar type of sound to their first album, Alchemy. If you liked her first one, I really recommend this one as well. If you don’t know, Meytal Cohen is the drummer of the band and started doing drum covers on her YouTube channel awhile ago. I’m not exactly sure when the public release date is, but it should fairly soon. I’ll update this post when I find out.

Meytal - Witness, Backer CD Front Cover

Since I backed her second album on Kickstarter, I got a signed Backer CD! Following is the back cover which lists the songs. The only one that’s not original is their cover of Hotel California by the Eagles.

Meytal - Witness, Backer CD Back Cover

Here’s a preview of one of the songs, Armalite:

Meytal’s First Album, Alchemy, Is Awesome!

It’s not often, or ever, that I have written a post about an album I just listened to. This time I am making an exception. The album is “Alchemy” by Meytal, a band started by Meytal Cohen, a talented drummer. It’s public release date is July 24th, 2015; however, I got a copy a bit earlier because of my donation to her Kick Starter campaign. I discovered her after watching one of the drum cover videos on her YouTube channel. Yes, not only does she look good, which caught my attention, but plays very well.

Meytal - Alchemy

Above is the album cover which I think looks cool. Here’s an example of one of the songs on the album (the actual album music sounds better):

As you can probably tell, I would put this music into the Heavy Metal genre. Anyway, I really like all the songs on the album and I hope you’ll check her out and, if you like the music, get her album! 🙂

Update: February 24, 2019: I now have her second album, The Witness.