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Twitter Timelines Removed from My Websites

Update July 25, 2023: Well, it seems that if you are logged into Twitter, you can see the embedded profile timelines now. However, I just realized that if you are not logged into Twitter, you still just see the “Nothing to see here – yet” message. So, it still makes it not worth including them in my eyes. Ergh.

Well, whatever Twitter has done recently to not allow you to view tweets unless you are logged in (which may or may not still be case) has possibly caused the embedding of profile timelines (showing tweets you’ve made) to not work. The all seem to come back with a message of “Nothing to see here – yet” . There must be more than just requiring to be logged in, since I am logged in. In fact, it doesn’t even work on their own Twitter Developer Platform Timelines page.

Until they get it working again or come up with some different process, I have removed these timeline widgets from my Blog, Main Website, and Mysstie site.

Related to this, I have also stopped importing my tweets into my blog for some time (Daily Tweets category) and automatically sending new blog post notifications to Twitter as they have suspended all of my PHP script based applications. This has also affected my ability to automatically send new gallery image notifications to Twitter. They now have a new API structure set up which I’m just not going to sign-up for due to the costs. 😮

It all kind of just sucks and we’ll have to wait and see where it all ultimately settles out. I will continue to use Twitter but in more a manual process, LOL. On a side note, I hope everyone one had a great 4th of July! πŸ™‚

Website Updates for February 2022

Well, it’s be some time since I’ve made one of these posts so I figured why not. πŸ™‚

Website Update

Main Website

Over time I’ve made various tweaks to my main website. The most notable might be my Weather page where I fixed the radar image and added a link to an alternate radar which shows the winter mix. I updated my MOD page to including the beta WACUP player. The 64-bit version even plays MOD files. In addition, I updated the NASCAR page to include 2022 links and information. Once the Daytona 500 completes, the Driver Standings list will be updated.

I also updated my WACUP/64 Now Playing/History ⚡ page to differentiate between the 32 and 64-bit versions of WACUP. The 64-bit version supports a reduced number of file formats currently, so I still play the bulk of my music with the 32-bit version.

Company of Valor

I went through the Company of Valor website to check which links have gone bad. So I removed, updated, and added some new links on the Resources/Links page.


I then went through the Pelicar website and removed and updated the links on the Links page. I also updated the footer section to show the last update time being in the Central Time Zone. Eventually I’ll do the same with the other pages on the site.


On Mysstie’s website I updated the links on the Landmark page. I then removed some links on Mysstie Wolfestar’s EverQuest I UI page. As usual, I’m always updating the character data when needed.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. πŸ™‚